Today’s Tuesday Tip is all about getting
your home into tip top selling shape. Are you preparing
to list your home? Take a look at a few tips we have
for you!

1. Clean, clean, clean. Dust on top of the fireplace
mantle and fan blades, polish your appliances and
faucets, and give the windows a thorough washing. If
you’re too busy to stay on top of things, consider
hiring a cleaning service to stop by every couple of

2. Clear out the clutter. You want buyers to focus on
how awesome your space is, not how messy it looks.
Put away shoes from the entry, stacks of mail, and
anything else that detracts from your home’s features.

3. Repaint the walls neutral colors. Bright colors could
turn off a good portion of your buyers. So repaint your
rooms in neutral tones like tans and whites that allow
buyers to focus on the spaces themselves, not the
color of the walls.

4. Let there be light! Open up all the windows to let in
natural light and add floor or table lamps to areas that
are dim. A bright, cheery room looks bigger and more